Hawaii Fun Facts

Hawaii was the 50th state to join the union on April 29, 1959.

Hawaii consist of eight major islands.

The Big Island is twice the size of all of the other islands combined.

The Hawaiian state flag looks like England’s union jack with eight strips added to represent the eight major islands.
Kona Ironman competitions held in Kona each year in October. The starting point is the Kona Pier with a two mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike and a 26 mile marathon.

Captain James Cook discovered the islands in 1778. He sailed in to Kealakekua Bay just north of Milolii. He was welcomed as a god. He left the islands but broke a mast and had to return. This time he was not welcomed and lost his life over a stolen life boat.

There is a white oblist in Kealakekua Bay erected to Captain Cook by the British Government. The land it stands on is actually British land.

Hawaii is the only state to produce Coffee, the Kona Coffee festival is held in November of each year.

Points on the islands are referred to as Makai (towards the ocean) and Mauka (towards the mountain).

Astronaut Lt Col Ellison Onizuka, a Kona native, was on board the Space shuttle Challenger when it exploded in 1986. There is a museum dedicated to him at the Kona Airport.